Skills are the spice of battle - Quote from the official website's guide

There are there are 3 mian types of skill , Weapon skills, support skills and Non-Weapon skills.

Weapon skillsEdit

Weapon skills split up into groups, these groups are :

Bow skills - Have high accuracy, long range, some bow skills have an AOE while others cause status ailments

Rod skills - Can use some of the wand skills, useful debuffing skills as well as healing, can also use all of the sword skills

Wand skills - High damage, medium range, can use some of the rod skills. Some skills are useful debuffs]

Sword skills - High damage, close range, can cause a knock back.

Support skillsEdit

Support skills improve your characters stats passively during a battle and can be equipped regardless of what weapon you are wearing. The stat increase of a support skill can be seen if you hover over the skill with your cursor. Note - the stat buff won't activate unless you are in battle.

Low level support skills aren't particularly useful however higher level support skills are incredibly useful.

Non-Weapon skillsEdit

Non weapon skills are a kind of support skill and are obtained from basic or intermediate grade skill cubes and can be equipped regardless of what weapon you are wearing. They include skills like counter or auto MP recover. These skills can be completely worthless to you depending on which situations you commonly fall into. Most of the non-weapon skills protect you from status ailments like poison (see here).

Types of Skill cubesEdit

You will get some of your skills from the two types of cube that drop randomly from enemies you have killed or given to you randomly from the roulette at the end of each battle. 

Types of skill cube

    Red cubes are active, blue are support.                                                                                                            

Skills can cause massive damage, start off combos, inflict status ailments on enemies and even heal groups of your team! They are incredibly important if you want a good team.


Little talk about skills or something here

Bow Skills

Rod Skills

Sword Skills

Wand Skills

Non-Weapon Skills

Support Skills

How to ObtainEdit

talk about the cubes here (ma

Whats in each boxEdit

(By BanchoLeomon')'

Active & Support Skill Cube Contents

Active Skill Cube Inferior Grade

Black Powder
First Aid
Hammer Strike
Heart Attack
Magic Thread
Poison Arrow
Snipe Shot
Wide Blast

Active Skill Cube Basic Grade

Arrow Shower
Bolt Arrow
Called Strike
Counter Stance
High Slash
Life Drain
Tornado (lv. 20)

Active Skill Cube Intermediate Grade

Frostbite Arrow
Heal Bloom
Hell Gate
Saint Clouse
Soul Hand
Thunder Snap

Support Skill Cube Inferior Grade

Crt Up
Def Up
Eva Up
Hit Up
Hp Up
Mp Up
Res Up
Str Up

Support Skill Cube Basic Grade

Crt Up
Int Up
Atp Up

Support Skill Cube Intermediate Grade

Confusion Shield
Darkness Shield
Paralysis Shield
Poison Shield
Sickness Shield
Silence Shield
Mp Auto Recovery

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