Item Name Effect
Aloeberry Aloeberry Fruit Restores 50 HP
A Health Potion (trace) Restores 100 HP
E Mana Potion (trace) Restores 80 MP
Elixir trace Elixir (trace) Restores 100 HP / 60 MP
A Health Potion (small) Restores 250 HP
E Mana Potion (small) Restores 140 MP
Elixir small Elixir (small) Restores 200 HP / 120 MP
Health medium Health Potion (medium) Restores 400 HP
Mana medium Mana Potion (medium) Restores 210 MP
Elixir medium Elixir (medium) Restores 330 HP / 160 MP
B Health Potion (large) Restores 600 HP
F Mana Potion (large) Restores 290 MP
Health extra large Health Potion (extra-large) Restores 850 HP
Mana extra large Mana Potion (extra-large) Restores 380 MP
Wrer Antidote Cures Poison
Tgtg Morning Bell Cures Drowsiness
EcolStimulant Stimulant Cures Confusion
Gtgt Mercury Cures Paralysis
Gtgtgtg Eye Drops Cures Darkness
Nyny Harmony Bells Cures Silence
Cxc Lamia's Eye Cures Petrification
Htgt Ginger Extract Cures Sickness

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