Item Name Level HP Notes Recipe
BeginRing Beginner's Ring 5 +30
 5x 8b6536681b93e49f
BronzeRing Bronze Ring 20 +68
15x B624cd9440525deb
 8x 60d02941cc5e8fad
SpireRing Spire Ring 30 +93
45x Fe36b6c6e953851c
23x 60d02941cc5e8fad
WhiteSilverRing White Silver Ring 35 +105
23x 33a35d3e4e79260a
11x 60d02941cc5e8fad
GoldRing Gold Ring 50 +143
30x 5531918619b3ad0e
15x 60d02941cc5e8fad

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