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Example Gacha Board



  • Bomb (L) x5
  • Bomb (m)  x5
  • Bomb (s)  x5


  • Restoration Hour Glass (S) x1
  • Restoration Hour Glass (S) x3
  • Restoration Hour Glass (L) x1
  • Restoration Hour Glass (M) x1
  • Hourglass of Mystery x1
  • Hourglass of Mystery x3


  • Silver Hammer x1
  • Silver Hammer x3


  • Apperntice Anvil x1
  • Apperntice Anvil x3
  • Apperntice Anvil x5
  • Journeyman  Anvil x1
  • Journeyman  Anvil x3
  • Journeyman  Anvil x5


  • Scroll of Fortune x3
  • Scroll of Fortune x5
  • Appraisal Scroll x10

Enchantment CubesEdit

  • Enchantment Cube x5
  • Enchantment Cube x20

Skill CubesEdit

  • Active Skill Cube (Basic)

Gacha TokensEdit

  • Token x1
  • Token x3
  • Token x5


  • Mercenary Name Change Permit x1
  • Mercenary Name Change Permit x2 
  • Gold Boost 25% (1 day)
  • EXP Boost 30% (1 day)
  • Elixir (medium)
  • Elixer (medium) x5
  • M-ticket x1
  • M-ticket x5
  • Amethyst
  • Ruby

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